World-class smart contract security audits, tools, and education.

DeFi protocols suffer millions of dollars in losses to exploits every year due to insufficient security practices. Cyfrin is here to solve this. 

Cyfrin brings world-class smart contract security audits, tools, and education to hundreds of thousands of users, partners, and blockchain protocols. On their audits, they only involve lead researchers for the highest security standards. And, their security engineers will work with your team to improve your code to the best security practices, equipping your team with more knowledge for your next build. 

They’ve helped secure over $27B in TVL for protocols like Swell, Chainlink, and Farcaster. Read their case studies and get in touch for a private or open audit to secure your project today! 

Expert services

Private Audits

Home to some of the world's top smart contract security researchers, Cyfrin offers smart contract audits chosen by some of the biggest protocols and infrastructure.

Competitive Audits

In competitive audits, community auditors will attempt to find vulnerabilities in the codebase in a set time period. Competitive audits are where the most findings are reported!  


Cyfrin can also help you decentralize and operate your protocol. For example, they’re one of the largest Chainlink node operators. 

Developer Education

Need to get your team up to speed on smart contract development and auditing? Cyfrin has you covered there, too. Dive into Updraft, one of the largest developer education portals!

World-class smart contract security audits, tools, and education.

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