Organizational design for DAOs

Deep Work provides DAOs with tools, practices, and frameworks to create internal alignment, facilitate individual autonomy, and achieve sustainable growth.

Through consulting services and software, Deep Work helps web3-native organizations reach their users with a compelling narrative, ensure continuous self-organization, and foster a health-first work culture.

Expert services

Branding and Visual Identity

Align on your mission and values, understand you audiences and create a visual representation of your identity.

Product Design

Drive adoption and increase user retention with a high-end user experience for your product.

User and Market Research

Gain clear insights from the market and develop a compelling narrative for your audiences and stakeholders.

Organizational Design

Get buy-in from your contributors on strategic decisions, define clear structures for management and delegation, and resolve bottlenecks fast.


Deep Teams

Project and payroll management software for collectives of independent contractors. Set a quality standard, create accountability mechanisms, and streamline credential verification.

Org Design
Deep Work
Organizational design for DAOs

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