Design your tokenomics in minutes

Cenit Finance is where token economies are created, shared and tested. Without the right tokenomics, even great DAOs and companies can fail. So, it’s essential to ensure you have a robust and tested token design before launch—and that’s exactly what Cenit does. Their advanced simulation platform helps you discover the factors influencing supply and demand dynamics, analyze the impact of utility features, evaluate vesting timelines for your digital economy, and more. 

How can you predict for unknown scenarios? Cenit’s simulator handles that for you. Conduct comprehensive stress tests to prepare your economy for all scenarios, so you’re ahead of the game. Want to see it in action? Check out their Simulation Example

Expert services

Tokenomics Design

Generate the right tokenomics for your business model, tailored to your KPIs. 

Model & Stress Test

Anticipate what might happen in multiple scenarios.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your token economy beyond price and supply.

Token & Treasury
Cenit Finance
Where token economies are created, shared and tested

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