Crypto-native financial advisory for DAOs

Steakhouse’s mission is to build open and transparent finance. They are a seasoned team of crypto-native collaborators with expertise in financial advisory, strategic planning, investment banking, analytics, accounting, legal research, and coding to help DAOs navigate the challenges and opportunities of the decentralized economy.

Recent clients include:

  • Maker DAO
    • Asset and liability management for the world’s largest decentralized stablecoin
    • Structuring of >$2bn in US treasury investments
    • Bottom-up double entry accounting ledger for real-time protocol economic reporting
  • Morpho
    • Collateral curation for decentralized repo markets against tokenized treasuries and crypto collateral with >$30m in deposits from lenders
  • Lido
    • Finance workstream lead appointed by the DAO for the leading staking provider
    • Bottom-up double entry accounting ledger for real-time protocol economic reporting
    • Economic research and financial management
  • Badger, Ens, Angle, Venus, and other crypto-native and TradFi companies

Expert services

Financial Planning & Analysis

Their financial statements are built from the ground up, leveraging the transparency and immutability of the blockchain. This gives you highly customizable reporting.

DAO Operations

Transitioning to a DAO comes with many challenges. They've successfully tackled these first-hand by building transition plans that ensure operations' continuity and scalability.

Strategic Advisory

Steakhouse has significant experience negotiating commercial deals, initiating partnerships, and advising on tokenomics with the largest companies and DAOs in the the space.

Token & Treasury
Steakhouse Finance
Crypto-native financial advisory for DAOs.

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