Aragon DAO

The Aragon Project is governed by Aragon Network Token (ANT) holders in a delegated voting DAO
Aragon DAO
Code at the center, humans at the edges

Code at the center, humans at the edges

Our delegated voting DAO is intentionally lean, minimal, and simple. We created a DAO to survive paradigm shifts, by centering what we know to be unstoppable: blockchain technology.
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Hard-coded default governance settings, enforced by smart contracts. They include default governance settings such as quorum, pass rate, and vote duration.
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Standards that are indirectly enforced by ANT Holder and Delegate signalling. They include processes such as proposal submission and delegate responsibilities.
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Flexible rituals and methodologies that give teams autonomy. They include methodologies such as Agile, team rituals such as weekly meetings, and culture within the organization.

Governance process

In order to build the best possible tools for DAOs, the Aragon Project is governed by a DAO and operates as a DAO. ANT Holders have a direct say in the direction of the project and its execution. Teams experience coordinating and working in a DAO, first hand. Everyone strives for alignment and efficiency, in order to focus on shipping products and adding value to the ecosystem."
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Wrapped ANT

In order to participate in governance, ANT Holders must wrap their tokens (wANT).


wANT Holders can choose to delegate their vote.


Teams submit proposals to achieve specified objectives.


wANT Holders and Delegates vote.


Successful proposals receive funding to execute their work.
Wrapped ANT (wANT)

Wrapped ANT (wANT)

In order to participate in Aragon DAO governance, you need to hold the Aragon Network Token (ANT). Once you have ANT, you can wrap your tokens in the Aragon DAO to delegate and vote.
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Review the latest proposals

Governance, strategic direction, and team proposals are discussed in the Aragon Forum.
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Participate in governance

Wrap your tokens, delegate to another address or vote directly in the Aragon DAO.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in the Aragon DAO?

To participate in the Aragon DAO, you need to hold Aragon Network Token ($ANT). ANT holders need to wrap their tokens into wANT to vote. Read our in-depth guide on how to participate in the DAO, wrap your tokens, and vote here.

How does high-level strategy work in the Aragon DAO?

Anyone can propose a strategy for the Aragon DAO. Delegates may want to endorse a strategy that they use to guide their voting choices. One strategy that has been endorsed by token holders is to become a governance hyperstructure. You can find it here on Github.

What type of governance structure does the Aragon DAO use?

Aragon DAO is a delegated voting DAO, meaning you can delegate to a representative to vote for you. However, it’s not required to delegate if you’d like to cast votes independently.

How do I stay up to date on proposals and votes?

Subscribe to The Eagle, a weekly newsletter covering everything happening in Aragon, to get updates on when votes are happening.