Aragon Connect

Aragon Connect is a toolkit for developers to seamlessly integrate DAO functionality into apps. It's easy to use and blazing fast!

Integrate DAO functionality

Build apps that leverage voting, shared funds management, or anything a DAO can do!

Your frontend, your rules

Create your own experiences and interfaces specifically for your community.

Blazing fast

Decentralized apps don't have to be slow. Connect makes it fast and snappy!

Unlocking the power of grassroots coordination
Connect the world

DAOs allow people anywhere in the world to work together and start grassroots movements.

Aragon Connect unlocks the power of DAOs, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate DAO-related functionality in their apps.

Enable your community to incentivize contributors, pool funds, vote over resource allocation, and do it all through any UI you want.

Build what you want, the way you want.

Fetching token holders

Obtain all the token holders (e.g. members) of a DAO in just 5 lines of code.

const tokens = new TokenManager(await{   
  appName: 'tokens.aragonpm.eth'                  }))
const tokenDetails = await tokens.token()
const tokenHolders = await tokenDetails.holders()
Fetching votes

Get all votes (past and ongoing) of a DAO in just 4 lines of code.

const voting = new Voting(await{     
  appName: 'voting.aragonpm.eth'                   }))
const votes = await voting.votes()
Casting a vote

Allow your user to vote on a proposal in just 6 lines of code.

const [path] = await org.appIntent(                   voting, 'vote', [votes[0].id, true, true] ).paths(wallet.account)                           for (const transaction of path.transactions) {
  await ethers.sendTransaction(transaction)

Powered by The Graph

The Graph turns blockchain queries that normally take minutes into milliseconds.
Aragon Connect uses a dedicated Graph Node, but can easily switch between an Ethereum node or your own Graph Node. You can decide the decentralization trade-offs!

Aragon Connect

Start developing today with the easiest development toolkit for DAOs
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