How to delegate your voting power in the Aragon App

Delegated voting is when you choose another wallet address to vote with your tokens. Think of it like representative voting, but instead of having a representative assigned to you, you can choose any representative you like!

Any address in a token-based DAO on the Aragon App can delegate their voting power—there’s no need to enable delegation. Here’s how to delegate your vote!

How to delegate your voting power:

1: From the Governance tab, click “Delegate”

From the DAO Dashboard, go to the Governance tab. Then, click “Delegate.”

2: Paste in the address you want to delegate to

You will need to have the address ready that you want to delegate to. 

3: Click “delegate voting power” and sign a transaction

Click “Delegate voting power” and your wallet will appear, prompting you to sign a transaction. 

Now, your voting power has been delegated!

How to claim your voting power

1: From the Governance tab, click “Delegate”

The flow starts the same way as delegating your voting power. Or, you can go to the community tab, click the three dots next to your delegate’s address, and click “undelegate.” 

2: Choose “Claim your voting power”

Claiming your voting power will assign it back to your wallet, so you can start voting again. 

3: Click “Claim now” and sign a transaction

Click “Claim now,” sign a transaction in your wallet, and once it confirms, your voting power has been assigned back to your wallet!

Important things to know about delegation in the Aragon App

Applies to token-based DAOs only: Delegated voting applies to token-based DAOs only. You cannot delegate your approval/deny power in a multisig DAO.

You may not be able to create proposals after you delegate: If your DAO has a token gate on who can create proposals, and you delegate your voting power, then you can no longer create proposals. You give the ability to create proposals to that other address. 

You can claim your voting power at any time: You have the option to claim your voting power and start voting yourself at any time. 

If you claim your voting power while a proposal is live, you cannot vote on the live proposal: You will have to wait for a new proposal to be created to be able to vote. This is because a snapshot of voting power is taken at the beginning of the proposal period. 

There is no meta-delegation: Delegates cannot meta-delegate, or delegate their voting power to another address. You as a token holder are in full control of your delegation!

If you imported tokens that already have delegations, those delegations are imported, too: You don't have to redelegate when you import tokens. Everything is seamlessly ported over for you!

Start delegating your voting power in the Aragon App today

Delegate your voting power in the Aragon App today! 

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