How to Update your Aragon DAO to Increase DAO Security

Aragon OSx Updates are a way to optionally update your DAO contracts for the latest security and feature improvements made by the Aragon team.  Typically making updates like these requires advanced Solidity experience, but we've made it possible for DAOs to make them by passing a proposal without writing any code! This can significantly increase your DAO's security.

When a new update is available to your DAO’s contracts, you will see an option to “View Updates.” There, you will find details on what each update includes so you can decide if you want to propose it. To dive deeper or read the code, view the Release Notes linked in each.

Any DAO member can propose an update, but it can only be executed if it is passed by the DAO members—no one can unilaterally make updates. Each DAO deployment is entirely self-sovereign, so updates are always optional.

Read this guide to learn how to make updates to your DAO on the Aragon App to ensure your contracts have the latest security and feature improvements!

1: Find the blue bar at the top of the App that says “Aragon OSx updates are available.” Click the button that says “View updates.” 

This will lead you to the screen showing you the updates currently available. If there’s no blue bar, then your DAO contracts are already fully up to date!

You can also find the available updates by going to “Settings.” 

DAO proposals on the Aragon App

2: Review the available updates and select the ones you want to propose

There may be more than one update available. You can make multiple updates at once or just choose one.

You can also select another version of the plugin or prepare the plugin. 

Aragon OSx updates increase your DAO security by showing the upgrades being made in each of your plugins

If installing a plugin, sign a transaction 

If you’re installing a new plugin, you will need to sign a transaction installing the new plugin. The App will prompt you to do this if necessary. 

3:  Initiate the vote

For the update to be passed, you will need to create and pass a vote. 

Initiate the vote for your DAO proposal on the Aragon App

4: Review the proposal 

The Updates proposal was automatically generated, so you won’t need to add any additional information.

Review the proposal to create the Aragon OSx update

5: Publish the proposal

Pay a gas fee and sign a transaction to publish the proposal. 

Publish the proposal by paying a gas fee for your respective blockchain.

6: Wait for DAO members to vote. If the vote passes, the update can be executed

If the vote passes, any wallet can click “Execute Now” to execute the actions for the updates. This will trigger a transaction to sign, which completes the update.

Now, your DAO contracts are up to date! 

Check for updates to your DAO on the Aragon App today!

If you have a DAO on the Aragon App, check if there are any updates available today!


Aragon has been building onchain governance infrastructure for over 7 years, with its tech securing billions of assets. Govern your protocol onchain with Aragon OSx: the secure and modular DAO framework with customization built in. Or, launch a DAO in 10 minutes or less without writing any code on the Aragon App.

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