Upgrade to ANTv2

ANTv2 uses 66% less gas, supports meta transactions, and allows you to participate in future Aragon Network votes.

Uses 66% less gas

ANTv2 saves about 66% on gas fees compared to ANTv1.

Meta transaction ready

Services can now support meta transactions for ANT.

Eligible for voting

To vote in Aragon Network votes you must use ANTv2.

Save big on gas fees

Save about 66% on gas fees when using ANTv2 compared to ANTv1.

Upgrade to ANTv2 ->
ANT v2
Paving the way for meta transactions

ANTv2 opens the door for the Aragon Network and other services to cover the gas costs incurred for using your ANT.

Upgrade to ANTv2 ->

ANT upgrade status list

DEXs (new pools)

Uniswap ANT_2/ETH


Binance: Automatically upgrading (Announcement)
Bitfinex: Automatically upgrading (Announcement)
HitBTC: Automatically upgrading
Huobi: Automatically upgrading
Bittrex: TBD


Coingecko: Up-to-date
CoinMarketCap: Up-to-date
Messari: Up-to-date
Etherscan: Up-to-date


Anchorage: Supporting
Coinbase Custody: Supporting
Fireblocks: Supporting
BitGo: TBD
Upgrade to ANTv2

Use the ANT Upgrade Portal to swap your ANTv1 for ANTv2.

Go to ANT Upgrade Portal ->