Aragon Network Token (ANT)

ANT is an ERC-20 token that governs the Aragon DAO.
Aragon Network Token (ANT)
Upgrade to ANTv2

Upgrade to ANTv2

ANTv2 uses 66% less gas, supports meta transactions, and allows you to participate in future Aragon Network votes.
Uses 66% less gas
ANTv2 saves about 66% on gas fees compared to ANTv1.
Meta transaction ready
Services can now support meta transactions for ANT.
Eligible for voting
To participate in the Aragon DAO, you must use ANTv2 and wrap your tokens.
Upgrade to ANTv2 ->

ANT exchanges

Digital currencies can be volatile and risky.
The price of ANT denominated across various pairs will vary and you could end up losing a significant amount of funds.
Reminder: ANT is only used as a governance token for participating in the Aragon DAO