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Note that digital currencies can be volatile and buying them can be risky.
The price of ANJ denominated across various pairs will vary and you could end up losing a significant amount of funds.

Aragon Network Token

Digital assets can be volatile and risky.
The price of ANT denominated across various pairs will vary and you could end up losing a significant amount of funds.
About ANT
Aragon Network Token (ANT)

ANT is the native token of the Aragon Network. ANT is used to back work tokens for dedicated network services, and is also a governance token for managing the overall network.

About ANT
Work tokens

Work tokens provide access to specific economic protocols. They're designed to align incentives and offer holders opportunities to earn income or some other economic benefit.

About ANT
Why does the Aragon Network need ANT?

ANT aligns incentives in the Aragon Network for value creation and economic growth. By linking demand for services to ANT, the Aragon Network is able to benefit from the success of the services it develops. ANT holders can also have a direct say in the evolution of the network by participating in governance.

"As a bellwether of purely-software based jurisdictions, Aragon is onto something, and we recommend getting involved if the cause calls to you."
Work Tokens

ANT for Work Tokens

ANT backs work tokens such as ANJ and ARA that are used to access Aragon Network services. Discover some of the advantages of using multiple work tokens instead of a single network token.

Easily monitor risks

Evaluate each network service based on its individual risk profile.

Better align incentives

Smart contracts link the success of each protocol with the success of each related work token.

More focused communities

Work token holders perform specific valuable services for protocol users.

Work Tokens

Meet the Aragon Network work tokens


Fast and fair dispute resolution for DAOs, on-chain.

For jurors: Earn rewards for settling disagreements between people and organizations.

For communities: Mitigate the risk of disputes within your community with Aragon Agreements.

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Work Tokens

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About ANT
ANT supply drivers

The total ANT supply can be found by checking the ANT contract.

ANT is staked to mint Work tokens.

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About ANT
ANT demand drivers

Demand for ANT is influenced by the size of the overall Aragon economy. The following may be viewed as good proxies for ANT demand. 

- Value of assets stored by Aragon DAOs.

- Aragon Chain transaction volume

- Net present value of network services that have their own work tokens.

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Events & Presentations

Upcoming events related to ANT and the Aragon Network

Join us in quarterly webinars where we analyze performance of the Aragon Network and undertake a community-led Q&A from crypto funds, token analysts, and journalists.

ANT Simulation

Aragon Network Model

A community member, Placeholder, shared some of their thoughts on ANT tokenomics which may be helpful for those looking to build a simulation model for ANT.

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